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Corporate Events



Level of Service 1: Our clown (or clowns) will mingle with guests throughout the day making balloon animals, painting faces, or performing magic tricks. They provide hours of enjoyment for kids of all ages.

Level of Service 2 & 3: Rent a clown suit from us for one of your volunteers to wear! Select from many different styles in all price ranges.


Face Painters

Level of Service 1: Our face painter will enhance your children's smiling faces throughout the event.

Level of Service 2 & 3: Buy face painting kit from our showroom and put one of your "artsy" volunteers to work. Not feeling so artsy?? still on a limited budget?? purchase a set of face painting stencils to help with the job OR check some of our temporary tattoos which can be applied easily.

Face Painting

Disc Jockey

Let them know what you want to hear and they'll play it! DJ's are also helpful with announcements and coordination of other events.

And More!

  • Caricature Artist
  • Live Music (band)
  • Band Organ
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Magician
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Calliope
  • Sky Divers
  • Mime


Air Brush



A 45 minute to hour plus audience participation show. Our Game Wizard coordinates wild and Wacky games for guests who wish to play... guests who choose not to play will have a fantastic time watching those who do! Fun-Ath-AlonĀ® Events have theme music to keep the crowd involved and motivated. Prize packages and award ribbons are given to winners of each event for their efforts. Events will be selected based on each company's needs...call your event coordinator for more details!

Frisbee Flip
Frisbee Flip

Custom Signage
Custom Signage

Big Foot Relay
Water Balloon Toss
Pie Eating
Goofy Golf
Frisbee Flip
Noodle Knees
Giant Twister
Flying Fish
Bottle Fill Up
Stay Afloat
Mummy Wrap
Walla Balla
Izzy Dizzy
Garbage Bonanza
Sack Races
Hard Hat Relay
Feed the Baby
Scavenger Hunt
Mitten Relay

Noodle Knees
Noodle Knees

Water Balloon Toss
Water Balloon Toss

Available in Level of Service 1 only


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